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Top 4 Best Dog Life Jackets

Dogs are an excellent swimmer, but even the top paddlers cannot swim for long, and if an unfortunate tragedy happens while out at sea, even pet would have no greater chance of swimming to safety than you would.

While nautical dogs make good skippers, they have to get outfitted with the correct equipment to keep them secure. As adults and kids want life vests, so do puppies.

Even water-loving dogs ought to be outfitted with pet life jackets; they’re even more significant for puppies with reduced body fat, such as Greyhounds, senior dogs and puppies with health or mobility difficulties.

In the following blog post, let’s take a look at Top 4 Best Dog Life Jackets but before then have a quick read on life jacket buying essentials.

A. Bright color

Brightly colored flashlights help your puppy remain visible in the water and safeguard from boaters or jet skiers. Many vests also contain reflective material for much more visibility.

B. Buoyancy

Obviously, you are going to need a dog life jacket with the suitable quantity of buoyancy to maintain your pet afloat in water. Some dog life vests have flotation below the belly, in addition to the surrounding sides and back. Some vests have flotation in the throat region to help keep your pet’s head above water.

C. Size and fit

Make certain you’re buying a dog life vest of appropriate size. Ensure dog is comfortable, can sit and lie down comfortably, and can ease himself. To find the best match, be sure that you measure your dog’s girth and chest and decide on parallel dimensions.

Top 4 Best Dog Life Jackets

There are lots of brands of water coats for dogs, so how can you select a great one for your pet? The great thing is any of those items mentioned in our listing will probably work well for your dog. There are little gaps, so the key is in finding one that satisfies your dog’s body and his special needs the very best.

1. The Ruffwear K-9 Float Coat



Some of the most notable characteristics of this vest would be the broad, Telescoping neck closure for maintaining your pet’s head above water and adapting to an assortment of neck points. Another is the strategically positioned closed-cell foam panels for enhanced buoyancy that a permit for a natural swimming position.

It includes easy-to-clip sheltered buckles plus a wide, low-profile, manages to assist dogs from the water. There is also a light loop for connecting a Ruffwear merchandise known as The Beacon; a glowing LED dog light made to keep dogs observable in low-lighting Ailments.

Price – $79.95

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2. Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket

Outward Hound

(Outward Hound)

According to some clients, the handle is set slightly longer towards the front of the coat causing some dogs to trick forwards somewhat when raised, and that means you will need to be on the lookout for that. Many owners complain about the durability and high quality of the vest, but because of its incredibly inexpensive price, it’s a general right worth life jacket.

It includes a handy top-grab and side grips for simple rescue, bright colors, and reflectors for enhanced visibility, completely adjustable neck and chest flaps with front float aids in keeping your pet’s head above water, fast release buckles, plus a durable neoprene belly-band to maintain the coat firmly in place.

Price – $12.81

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3. Paws Aboard “Red Lifeguard”

Paws Aboard

(Paws Aboard)

Those Paws Aboard model comprises a broader chest/neck closed, to assist with front flotation, along with a heavy duty Velcro fastening system for maintaining it secured. An excellent feature is that the breathable net underbelly to keep dogs more comfortable.

This jacket provides all of the flotation and security features as the other manufacturers, but using a cute lifeguard design. Accessible with reflective strips for optimum visibility, the Red Lifeguard also supplies a handle for raising pets and elastic nylon straps with quick-release buckles for easy off and on.

Price – $39.95

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4. EzyDog’s Doggy Flotation Vest



It features a zippered pocket, grab handles for lifting, and flexible neoprene straps to make an ergonomic and safe fit. Color options include yellow and red only with careful detailing. This life vest comes in several sizes, which range from extra to extra small. For smaller dogs, this is among the best bets.

Also a highly popular new with pet owners, it’s always received 4.5 stars and enthusiastic reviews. The heavy-duty polyester structure is said to add around fifty percent greater flotation than several other puppy life vests.

Price – $55.80

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But, according to research across all sites, we believe we can all confidently suggest the Ruffwear K9 Float Coat and Kyjen Outward Hound. These two dog life jackets received a very high number of testimonials and repeatedly performed nicely in outside tests, which makes a certain purchase.

If you have any concerns and questions related to best dog life jackets just drop your concern in a comment box below and we will be happy to offer a solution.

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  1. Carrie Magil says:

    Great life jacket! I ordered this for my mini long-haired dachshund, who tries hard but is not a strong swimmer. He’s able to stay afloat with this vest (we’re still working on keeping his head above water, but the neck piece on this vest helps a lot).

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