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10 Best Small Dog Halloween Costumes under $50

October is here, and it is time to get ready for Halloween.

We all know Halloween is a fun family-friendly vacation that the whole family can get involved in such as your pets. You might be amazed by the number and wide variety of Halloween costumes available for your puppy and small dogs. The kinds of Halloween costumes for dogs vary from classic, animal, profession, characters to sports.

Let’s take a look below 10 Best Small Dog Halloween Costumes under $50

1. Hamburger Dog Costume by Rubie’s Costume


For a small dog, these can be pretty smaller hamburgers, so the very best idea could be for owners of many small dogs so they could go together like a plate of sliders. Dressing your little dog up as meals are simply inherently amusing. The small size fits a 14-inch torso and length of 11 inches, while the moderate adapts to a 17-inch body and length of 15 inches.

Cost – $16.10

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2. Sushi Pet Costume by Rubie’s Costume Company


Dress them up and let them go. The small size fits a 14-inch torso and length of 11 inches, while the moderate adapts to a 17-inch body and duration of 15 inches. If you are going to groom your little dog up for Halloween, choose something cute and small to allow them to become. A part of sushi is fantastic for this. It is absurd and ridiculous, which is ideal. It is a tiny bit like these windup sushi toys.

Cost – $15.99

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3. Spider Pup Costume for Pets

california costumes

There is a good deal of fun you’ll have with this costume. But be warned, this dress allegedly runs little, and the “legs aren’t as complete and plumped,” You can easily buy this at Amazon, and it is based on Cindy’s 3-star review. There are many exciting costume ideas on this list, but we preferred to keep this one in the third position because of its uniqueness.

Cost – $22.06

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4. California Costumes UPS Pal Pet Halloween Costume

California Costume

The pet costumes which make them look like small individuals are among the very best. This UPS delivery man costume is no exception. If it’s a fact that everybody looks cute in a uniform, then this one is certain to be a hit. The extra small size matches chests twelve to sixteen inches with a length of eight inches, while the little games chest sixteen to twenty inches with a length of twelve inches. The moderate size is directed at smaller streams, and that means you are bound to discover that one of these matches your pup.

Cost – $16.97

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5. Rubies Costume Company Business Suit


Now, this can be interesting for your dog and of course the Halloween theme party that you intend to attend to with your dog. Ghostbusters is one of the favorite characters in the comic history. There is no timing, then Halloween to dress up your dog as Ghostbuster when all devils are out.

Cost – $19.02

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6. Fur-Trimmed Angel Wings Harness for Dogs


Indeed, the costume manufacturers have made in many sizes available, however, in the case that none of these are working for you, try this. There are so many dog sizes and shapes on the market that discovering a costume that fits absolutely could be some struggle. These angel wings are mounted onto a typical flexible dog harness, so they are more inclined to match and less likely to drop over. The wings are detachable so you can just use the tape by itself.

Cost – $18.15

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7. Casual Canine Lobster Paws Dog Costumes

Casual Canine

If you are into seafood and sushi is overrated for you then try the “Lobster” costume. You can quickly acquire this costume from Amazon, and the best part is you can accessorize it well using some glitters – using a bit of your imagination.

Cost – $24.90

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8. Teddy Bear Pet Suit


As in case your dog is not cuddly enough. Speaking of small and cuddly, there is also a Yoda or Teddy Bear costume worth contemplating. Make them look like cute childhood buddies with this easy hood-based costume. They urge this for dogs who have shorter legs, so anybody with a low-to-the-ground dog ought to have the ability to create this work.

Cost – $22.06

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9. Iced Coffee Pet Costume by Rubie’s Costume


You know, it states latte, but it fairly clearly includes the refrigerated cream, so that this must be some type of frappuccino drink. Again, food-based small dog costumes are cute and hilarious. You should not go a day with no latte, get your puppy this “Starbarks” beverage costume.

Cost – $16.69

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10. Glitter Halloween Pet Bandana


Many dogs and puppies wear bandanas year round, therefore swapping it for this particular Halloween-inspired choice might be all you will need to dress them up. An alternative in this vein has been just one, using a crossbones and skull layout. If you just want something easy to receive your puppy in the Halloween spirit and do not wish to need to fight with all the sizing choices of the pendants previously, then a bandana is the best answer.

Cost – $6.73

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Halloween is just as exciting for the dog as your kids. Keep in mind that you have an assortment of costumes to pick from. You can dress your dog in precisely the identical sort of costume as other members of your family members or in a one style.

All you need is to pick the best from the list and buy it from Amazon. The best thing is all these options, cost under 50 dollars.

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